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Meet Dr. Quentin

Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, MCAI & Owner of Clinic Fontana | Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery

I come from Lyon, France and studied Chiropractic in Paris. I'm passionate and enthusiastic about providing both pain relief and wellness care to my patients. I like to focus on the whole person, addressing both spinal and neurological issues, putting the patient in charge of their own health through rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle changes.

I previously worked for 3 years between Toulouse & Barcelona. I had the privilege of working with some professionals rugby players and runners during that time, which gave me amazing experience.

I then moved to Ireland and worked as an associate for three years but it was time for me to be on my own and I had a very clear vision of the Chiropractic Clinic that I wanted to own. this is why I decided to create Clinic Fontana - Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery. we are practising between 2 locations : Castletroy | Adare Village. 

It was while I was Ireland that I met my fiance Antoinette and we have a beautiful daughter together named Scarlett. It is because of my girls that I then decided to specialise in pregnancy and paediatrics as I seen a lack of resources here for support during pregnancy related issues and paediatric issues. I completed specialised training in the field and am proud to offer this service in Clinic Fontana.

I'm a proud member of Chiropractic Association of Ireland.

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