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Flexion Distraction in Limerick-Adare

Woman pointing at a 3d model of a spineAt Clinic Fontana – Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery, we offer a unique approach to disc pain with our specialised Flexion Distraction therapy. We recommend this gentle and beneficial method for patients with disc damage, sciatica, bulging or herniated discs, lumbar stenosis, and chronic back pain.

Our doctors are the only ones in this area with this therapy available to help those seeking relief from acute or chronic back conditions. Flexion Distraction therapy could help alleviate symptoms and improve overall spine health.

Offering Real Solutions, Not Quick Fixes

Flexion Distraction therapy uses a special traction table that gently manipulates your spine. Unlike manual manipulation, this technique provides slower and gentler movements, allowing for precise targeting of specific areas. We can alleviate pressure on the affected discs by applying gentle flexion and distraction forces, reducing pain and promoting healing.

When choosing our practice for healthcare solutions, people expect a personalised approach tailored to their unique needs. Our skilled professionals work with each person to create a custom care plan, incorporating Flexion Distraction therapy and other appropriate therapies. We empower our patients to take control of their health and wellbeing and help them achieve ultimate success in natural wellness.

Model of a spine but smaller

A Thorough and Comfortable Experience

Trying a new treatment can sometimes be nerve-wracking. Dr Fontanarava takes the time to explain the procedure and address patients’ concerns. During the initial visit, our team guides each individual through the entire process, showing the table in motion and helping the patient understand how it works, how beneficial it is, and the remarkable results they’ll receive.

Once the patient is ready, we comfortably position them on the table with straps on their legs to ensure stability. Our chiropractor gently manoeuvres the table, allowing the flexion and distraction forces to impact the spine. Rest assured, this proven method is designed to lengthen the spine and promote optimal disc health.

Flexion Distraction therapy has shown significant benefits for patients. In some cases, it may eliminate or postpone the need for surgery, offering a non-invasive alternative for individuals seeking relief from disc-related conditions. By reducing pressure on the affected discs and promoting proper alignment, this therapy helps improve overall disc health and function.

Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations

Ready to experience the benefits of Flexion Distraction therapy for yourself? Book an appointment with Clinic Fontana – Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery today and experience a healthier spine and a pain-free life.


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