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Laser Therapy in Limerick-Adare

Laser therapy session on armLooking for a non-invasive and helpful option to relieve pain, swelling, or limited motion? The answer may be laser therapy at Clinic Fontana – Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery. Our clinic is the only one in the area to offer this advanced method of care, providing our patients with a cutting-edge approach to their healthcare.

A Targeted and Therapeutic Approach

Laser therapy uses infrared light to create a therapeutic effect when transmitted to specific areas of the body. During each session, patients are provided with protective eyewear while the laser is applied to the areas that need relief. This non-invasive procedure is gentle and pain-free, with patients often experiencing a pleasant warming sensation.

At our clinic, we have custom care plans that work for each patient. When choosing us for laser therapy, expect to receive a thorough evaluation process and a tailored care plan. If you’re already on a care plan with us, laser therapy may be included as part of your care. For pay-as-you-go patients, a session of Laser Therapy is available for 125 Euros.

Who Can Benefit?

When incorporated into most chiropractic sessions, laser therapy is particularly beneficial for older patients experiencing disc damage and wear and tear or those who may not be suitable for traditional adjustments.

Positive results have been shown for patients with conditions such as tendonitis, muscle damage, inflammation, and degenerative issues in the spine.

This modality may be combined with other techniques, such as the Cox Technique for the lumbar spine, to provide a comprehensive and personalised care plan.

When undergoing this innovative therapy at the practice, patients may experience various health benefits, including:

  • Reduced pain
  • Less swelling
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased range of motion

In addition, using the laser promotes natural healing processes within the body, supporting overall wellness and improving quality of life.

The Path to Natural Wellness Starts Here

With our exclusive laser therapy offering and commitment to personalised care, Clinic Fontana – Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery stands out among chiropractic offices in West Ireland. Dr Fontanarava and our team of experienced professionals work diligently to help you achieve the ultimate success in natural wellness.

Take the first step towards pain relief and improved mobility by booking an appointment today!


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