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About Clinic Fontana – Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery

Office signage behind front deskChiropractor Dr Quentin Fontanarava has been providing quality chiropractic care since 2016 and has proudly served the community from our current location since 2020. At Clinic Fontana – Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery, which also serves Adare, we are a family-oriented and family-run business where your health and wellbeing are at the forefront of everything we do.

Our journey to Limerick was driven by professional passion and a heartfelt connection with his wife, Antoinette, who hails from the area. This connection to the community makes our practice feel like home.

Established Care and Community Connection

Several factors inspired our decision to open our clinic in the city. Dr. Fontanarava saw a significant opportunity to offer a unique brand of chiropractic care that differed from what was available in the West of Limerick. He recognised a gap in the market and was eager to provide a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

Another key reason for choosing this location was its strategic position. Our city, especially the area around the University of Limerick, is bustling with activity. With over 20,000 students, the university’s vibrant campus is a town unto itself.

By setting up where the action is, we can build a successful practice and continue offering quality healthcare to everyone for many years.
  • Brought my little 1 month old girl to Dr Quentin because she was suffering with very bad colic and used to cry so bad with the pain but after two sessions her pain eased up immensely. From start to finish Dr Quentin was a pleasure to deal with. He was nothing but gentle and caring when working with her. She even enjoyed the whole experience and all the attention she didn’t even notice what he had to do to her because the touches and movements were so minimal and pain free. I would definitely recommend taking your little one to see him if they suffer with any similar issues.
    - Amanda
  • Suffering really badly for a few months with a bulging disc in my back, small daily things like putting on socks or lifting my son became near to impossible and taking lots of tablets nothing was working, was waiting on injections with consultants for pain management: After 2 sessions I felt a big relief (found this so odd was nearly second guessing was it real). I did 2 sessions a week for the last month and I feel 80% better whatever he is doing its working and I’m happy to continue on for the next few weeks now one session a week which will then reduce to less and less. His process is magic and delighted I listened to others and went to Clinic Fontana.
    - Leah
  • Dr Quentin helped me hugely when I was pregnant and now again with my new baby. My little girl was breech late into the 3rd trimester and after a few sessions she turned sideways, then eventually we got her head down by around 39 weeks. The sessions were a great relief from pelvic and back pain too. I have started taking the baby now for colic/reflux, and she has improved already after the first session. Highly recommend!
    - Nadia

Clinic Fontana - Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery team at reception desk

Our Mission: Better Wellbeing for All Ages

At Clinic Fontana - Chiropractic & Advanced Recovery, we're not just chiropractors but dedicated partners in your journey to better health. Our commitment goes beyond professionalism; it's deeply rooted in our passion for improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families of all ages.

We are proud to have been recognised as the Best Chiropractor of Ireland for 2023 and also named Number One in Limerick for 2023. These accolades are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

What Might Surprise You

We take our work very seriously, and a few things about us, our practice, and chiropractic care might surprise you. First, our approach to care goes beyond traditional spinal manipulation. With therapies like dry needling, laser therapy, and Flexion Distraction for disc issues, and a phased approach to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Additionally, you might be surprised to learn that we specialise in paediatric care.
Yes, even tiny babies are brought in for care! It's a testament to the trust families place in us, and the benefits chiropractic offers individuals of all ages, even newborns.

Results That Make an Impact

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to improving overall health. We take great pride in the countless success stories we've witnessed, such as a gentleman with severe disc issues in his lumbar spine who had undergone surgery that only exacerbated his condition.

Through our dedicated care and use of specialised equipment like the flexion distraction table, he witnessed significant improvement in his condition, including the return of sensation in his leg. These transformations are what motivate us every day.

Another remarkable case was a woman who had been to many specialists without seeing results. After hearing her symptoms and examining her, Dr Fontanarava knew her condition was extremely serious and advised her to go to A&E immediately. Her GP told her to ignore the chiropractor, but luckily, she didn't and got the help she needed. It turned out he was right!

Make a Different Choice Today

At our practice, our passion is your wellbeing. We’re committed to making a difference in your health journey. Contact us today to get started.


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