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New Practice Members

What to expect from your first visit at Clinic Fontana

At your first appointment, one of our assistants will welcome you and ask you to complete some preliminary paperwork. This will include a questionnaire on your health history. You also will be given information about the surface electromyography scan (sEMG) and the Computerised Posture Analysis. Then, you will be shown into the Orientation room where you will meet one of our chiropractor.


Consultation and exam

The purpose of your meeting with the doctor is to discuss your health goals and see how chiropractic can possibly help you. We will ask you questions about your particular concerns to gain a greater understanding of your current health status. She will then give you an introduction to chiropractic by explaining the principles behind how it works so you can develop a greater understanding of how it may help you.

Then, one of our chiropractor will perform the sEMG, which assesses the function of your spine and nervous system. We also will give you a full physical examination (orthopaedic and neurologic). 

Please allow up to 45min for this appointment.

At your second appointment, 

Our chiropractors will discuss the results of your exam and scans on your “Report of Findings” visit. At this appointment, we will provide you with a recommended schedule of care and some lifestyle advice. If you have any questions, please ask them during this visit.

If we have determined that chiropractic is appropriate for you, we will start the first treatment.

We recommend that you bring your spouse or partner with you so they can support you on your journey towards better health by understanding what’s involved.

This visit will take 20min.

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